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Backpackers are self-sufficient travellers who save lots of Money before they leave country for other places in the World. If you are planning on backpacking to visit places'don't plan on doing too much. Set yourself reasonable goals and allow yourself the time to enjoy each of the places you visit. A different Hostel'Hotels'Guest Houses or Lodge every night'a different town or region every few days is exhausting. Do not feel like you have to do everything. The most important thing is that you appreciate the places you do visit. The same is true for travelling in general'trying to plan for a year in advance is impossibly terrifying and intimidating. If you are backpacking: tourist have an idea where you will be for the next couple of weeks and if you are travelling then maybe plan for the next few days or few months. It is important to remain flexible. Backpackers in India can find places or hotels at very reasonable price.